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Just as there are rules regarding what you can throw in your trashcan, there are also guidelines to follow when it comes to your detroit dumpster rental. These rules are in place for environmental reasons as well as local and state regulations about the disposal of waste. Always talk about the kind of debris or waste you are disposing of with your assistance. They will help make sure you understand what is allowed and what is not.

A Quality Home Services spokesman says, most nonhazardous junk, waste or debris is permitted. A short list of items include trash, furniture, wood, siding, roofing shingles, sliding, construction and demolition debris, appliances (with a few exceptions) and flooring. Furniture such as tables, couches, chairs and almost all kinds of furniture are accepted in dumpsters. However, in a few areas, upholstered furniture as well as mattresses are not allowed in landfills and in others, you are allowed to throw furniture and mattresses. There are additional fees however depending on the local regulations in your area. Always be sure to check with your dumpster rental provider about the kinds of furniture they allow in containers.


Refrigerators, AC units, washers and dryers plus a majority of general household appliances can be thrown in a dumpster, but all dangerous fluids and components, such as freon has to be removed first. If you want to get rid of a freon-containing appliance, you are going to need to hire a professional, like an appliance repair specialist or HVAC pro, to get rid of the refrigerant before you dispose of it.

There are additional appliance disposal options that could end up saving you quite a bit of money. For example, a few local utilities sponsor bounty programs as an incentive to recycle appliances. The program involves allowing a recycler to gather old, inefficient appliances in exchange for a bounty. Similar to this, a few programs also offer discounts towards the purchase of updated ENERGY STAR qualified models, so this is something to really consider. You have to find out if your area provides bounty programs by contacting your electricity provider.

TVs, printers, computers and other electronics are usually accepted in a lot of dumpsters, but if you have huge quantities of electronics, like an office cleanout, you are going to likely be required to recycle them as e-waste. In those cases, it is common that an extra charge is going to be applied for every item in order to cover for recycling charges. In other areas, local regulations do not allow electronics to be tossed in dumpsters at all, so make sure you check with your dumpster rental provider.

Trees, brush, branches, and other green waste are allowed in most dumpsters. However, whether or not a dumpster company is going to accept yard waste depends on the regulations of your area. In some locations, you are limited to the amount of green waste you can send to a landfill, while in others, you can fill a dumpster to its limit.

Some companies offer a clean load option for dumpster rental Indianapolis | Priority Waste at a discounted price. Clean loading a dumpster means that only loading one particular kind of recyclable materials into the dumpster, like concrete, yard waste, etc. The materials are then diverted and recycled from the landfill so you save your environment and your money. Toys, carpeting, curtains, cardboard, old documents, and other similar non-organic trash can all be put in the dumpster.

Heavy debris, such as concrete, brick and asphalt can be thrown in most dumpsters, but because of its weight, some companies require the use of specific dumpsters designated for heavy materials. Roofing shingles are another heavy debris that could go into the dumpster. However, there is sometimes a fee associated with shingled disposal, so ask the dumpster rental providers you get quotes from about whether or not they charge extra for roofing shingle disposal.

Drywall, wooden materials, siding and other construction and demolition debris can go in dumpsters. With heavy debris, dumpster weight limits are especially important. If you go over the amount of weight included in your quoted price, you need to remove the additional weight or pay overage fees. You should also find the right size dumpster for the best price and for the right kind of job.